Rules & Scoring


  • 40 Players Broken into 20-2 Player Teams
  • 2 man scramble Style of Play
  • Shotgun Start
  • USGA Rules Apply (Example: Penalty Strokes)
  • Use proper golf etiquette
  • Scores to be attested to by the opposing team
  • No Gimmies or Mulligans
  • Cumulative score system (explained below)
  • Double Bogey Max score per hole (Pick up and move on if score is reached)
  • Rain or shine we will play, in the event of unplayable conditions, we will play the following week(if full round cannot be played). If more than 6 holes are played and conditions become unplayable, we will come in and the remaining un-played holes will be scored as par(un-played holes being the most amount of holes a team left unfinished)
  • Only employees (for substitutes as well) of GoDaddy in good standing are allowed to participate.
  • If a teammate is unable to attend, they MUST find a substitute. If no substitute is found, that player must pay the portion of golf that GoDaddy covered ($10.00 per week) into a fund for next seasons costs. If no substitute is found and the cost is not paid by the following week, that player will be unable to attend ANY further GolfDaddy.Club event for the rest of the season and any potential future seasons.
  • If a Teammate is unable to attend a match(and has no sub.) the attending teammate’s score will count for the team using stroke play rules.
  • If any team is unable to participate in any given week (both players are out) they will forfeit that week and get a maximum score.
  • Scores will be tracked weekly in order to determine the top teams.
  • The final week, all teams will play but those who make it to the top 4 will play to determine a Godaddy Golf Champion and Runner-up (prizes tbd).
  • GolfDaddy.Club will provide weekly results and standings throughout the season.
  • Weekly prizes for CTP, Long Drive, Long put and other competitions MAY be held.
  • Participation is subject to supervisor approval, you must maintain your expectations set by your department in order to sign up.
  • Scores must be turned into the course to be put up on the score-sheet at the end of the night. If your score is not written on the score-sheet prior to you leaving and does not end up on said sheet, it will not count for that week.



  • Scoring will be based on a cumulative score system.  The team with the lowest scoring round will be placed in first place and so on. These scores will be totaled during the entire league and added together weekly to display a leader.
  • In the event of a tie, on the final day, the tying teams will play a in a playoff format on a per hole basis to determine a winner.
  • If a Teammate is unable to attend a match, they MUST find a replacement. If no replacement is found, the attending teammate will only be allowed one ball and that players score will count for that of the team.
  • If a team misses a week, they will receive a score of triple bogey for every hole (63) for that week.